Stay focused.
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Focus Dog is a focus App that feels like a game!

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✅ Time tracking
✅ Pomodoro technique
✅ Focus reminders
✅ iOS Widgets
✅ Siri voice commands & shortcuts

✅ Anti-chat mode
✅ Focus challenges
✅ advanced statistics
✅ Add friends
✅ CSV Export

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4.6 Stars, 4.4k+ Reviews
Global on Google Play & Apple App Store

Great to concentrate

My daughter has had this app for 2 weeks now and can concentrate much better on her homework

Daniellllllllllllll, April 19, 2021

Helped me focus on work

Adorable presentation and it did helped me focus on work. I'm in the game industry as a storyboard artist and your app helped me concentrate during our current work from home situation. I also just purchased the pro version with the dev gift to support you and your small team. Your app inspires me and I would love to create a similar simple app to help people and spread good vibes. Thanks and good job! I have to learn how to create a game by myself now haha :)

Jimmy V., March 08, 2021

Best for mental health

Hey, Hope you’re having a good time. I wanted to say how much I love the app, I suffer from anxiety and some health problems so working certain can be a burden but with I love it with your app, so thank for making this.

Simon, March 03, 2021

Dunno if it’s too soon to call but I think this app is changing my life.

I have to say recently I’ve found a few things more gratifying than feeding focus the fruits of my labour at the end of the day right before bed. I have to thank you for this app, it’s simple but effective, I’m currently at university and one thing I’ve been struggling with is knowing if I’m doing enough work but this app and the doughnuts are a great way of tracking how much I’m really doing.

ITYABOIII, February 26, 2021

Great productivity app!

I love this app! I have been using this since the start of the pandemic and it has increased my productivity on a daily basis. It really pushes me to finish what I’ve started esp in my studies. The goals also help motivate because I get excited everytime I get donuts for each time sets. Highly recommed this if you want to be strict in restricting your daily usage of your phone!!

Jeserie, February 20, 2021

Lovingly designed app

I was looking for an app for a long time that would keep me productive. I feel motivated and motivated to produce and feed donuts. Even tidying up the room is fun!

Lind2991, February 14, 2021

I love it

Its like maintaining a pet. If you dont stay focused he gets hungry.

Maxmilian L.G, November 11, 2020

Best app ever

This is a really great app. If you guys know what forest is, that’s basically what this is but free. It is great for kids and fun and playful. It will also help kids gain responsibility

scurfing, July 31, 2020


I'm surprised by this app. It is really good, and I appreciate you being able to make it downloadable on iPad, especially my ancient mini gen 1. The design is very simple and cute, and I love it. As for the app, it works perfectly and has an element of responsibleness needed to complete tasks, which makes the user engage in their productivity. Great overall! No bugs so far. 😄

NeighborE, April 05, 2020

It is so fun that it keeps me going

I love how fun it is and the fact that it is so fun is what motivates me. I just wish that there was some part of the app where I can see my focus and maybe pet it during breaks or something. Ignore me if this feature already exists for pro users or something.

2684649194857, March 02, 2020

So happy I found this app

This is a well made app! It’s very cute and it works! I have so much trouble with procrastination. I’ve used A LOT of different apps. Most of them are ones where I plant trees, which got kind of boring after a while. I like this one because I have a choice on whether I want a set timer or if I just want to start the timer from zero. There are a lot of things to unlock. One thing I would like is if I would be able to choose my own dog and watch him eat or grow when I feed him the donuts I’ve earned. The free version works well, but I decided to do the one-time payment for this app because I wanted to buy an indie developer some coffee.

LosAngalex, February 10, 2020


I adore this app! I’m a writer and it’s really helped motivate me through hours long sessions! I recommend it to anyone! 100% more productive as a result!

Nataliam082500, October 14, 2019

Game changer

My metrics at work are so much better and I’m retaining so much more information from studying too.

CheekySweetie, October 04, 2019


This app has been one of the many I’ve tried to help me focus, and is the only one to succeed. I am the type of person who loves to reach towards goals, but has a hard time doing so. This app lets me reach small goals inside the app, by reaching larger ones outside of it. If you’re a similar type of person, this app is perfect. ❤️

Isabel's love love, June 22, 2019

Super short ad
With a funny voice-over. Yeah, so german!

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